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There’s a reason why so many people move to the coast when they retire. Actually there are four!


Retiring from work inevitably equals a lot of free time, some of which you’ll use to carve out a fantastic new lifestyle, and some of which you’ll no doubt use to worry about the future.         


We reveal what the best 22 UK locations are to buy retirement properties


From the belief that you won’t spend as much money once you retire, to the idea nothing really changes after you’ve left the workplace, we’re uncovering the top retirement myths, and giving you a more realistic overview.      


Wherever you choose, the key is to make sure you choose somewhere you feel happy and comfortable in. If in doubt, go and visit your preferred place several times


When it comes to retirement, choosing a property that allows you to enjoy yourself should be at the heart of any plans you make


Help is on hand to explain the differences between the two lifestyle choices 


It’s entirely normal to have a Goldilocks moment – worrying that properties are too large or too small – but making a few clever adjustments can turn things around


What are the best ways to keep your brain in good shape during retirement?

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